How #Executive20 Plan works and helps you

Yesterday I have chance to present #Executive20 plan, a Takaful protection plan comes with every year cash payout to my best friend. He is 30 years old and a smoker. I explained to him on the features and benefits of this plan.

I have summarized it as below :

1️⃣ With RM220.11/month, for protection side you will get Death and TPD as high as RM100,000!

2️⃣ If you sign up now, since the first Cash Payout payment will be credited to your bank account after 2 years (or 25th months) "waiting period", you will get your first Cash Payout on December 2020 and every year onwards until 20 years!

3️⃣ If you got diagnosed with 1 over 36 critical illnesses, monthly contribution will be FREE and you will received the Cash payout for 20 years.

4️⃣ Simple calculation :

 Yearly contribution : RM2,641.32 (RM220.11 x 12)
 Total contributions over 20 years : RM52,826.40
 Cash payout for 20 years : RM1,000 x 20 = RM20,000
 Estimated cash value after 20 years certificate maturity : RM29,525.00
 Estimated 20 years Takaful charges : RM52,826.40 - 49,525.00 = RM3,301

For long run, you just pay RM3,301 for Takaful charges and this is good for long term investment.

If you invest your money at other places example Bank, ASB/ASM, you ONLY can get higher return BUT you won't get any Protection! 😉

Details : Executive 20 Product broaches

Ask me for more details

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